FDA/SDA 2015 cutoff discussion

Dear Aspirants,

Recently conducted FDA/SDA 2015 exam has created more uncertainty in the minds of aspirants, due to the difficulty in predicting the cutoff. Because of this we are getting lot of requests to predict the cutoff. So we have decided to give a platform for the aspirants to discuss on the FDA/SDA exam cutoff. Aspirants are requested to enter their score in the comment section so that aspirants may get fair idea on cutoff.

Dear aspirant’s we understand your anxiety, but author will not be able to reply to everyone’s messages, as author is busy developing content. Please just enter your score and other doubts regarding questions only. We will come to know about the clear cutoff in few days.


Thank you.

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  1. Vijaya

    Pls kpsc results bidrappa

  2. Girish

    Fda sda new hosa notification of revenues other depts ge e month nalli barutte. All the best exam January 2017

  3. vish

    bcklog aapieants yallaru strike madbeku. elligble list ge one year tagondtu2nd list atva fibal list bidoke 1 year bakante

  4. Rudresh

    Hi its rudresh here.
    My brother Mr. Sunilpawar had attended the FDA exam and he got 162 marks still his name not appeared in provisional list.. it’s really disgusting…

  5. Thejraj

    FDA exam baredu 1 varsha aytu.innu saha provisional list bittilla. final list bandu adannu govt kalisi dept inda appointment order baralu innu minimum 6-8 months beku.FDA recruitmentge eno gara badidide. exam ada dinadindalu ondalla ondu problem baruttale ide. modalu question paper leak controversy,omr scanning contract problem, nantara ksou students problem eega kelavu categorigala shortage of candidates. ibbaru prompt officers galindalu ee prob annu fast aagi solve madalu sadyavagilla.eshto jana ee job anne nambikondu jataka pakshigalante kayuttiddare. aga baruttade eega baruttade endukondu dinagalannu varagallannu tingalugallannu enisikondu kayuttiddare, ondu varshavannu enisi aagide.innu appointment order bandu jobge hogabekadare innu eshtu dinagallanu enisabeko kpscge gottilla. KPSC is playing with the psyche of the aspirants,kpsc authorities do not understand the mental turmoil undergone by the aspirants.


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